Norm’s Ethical & Sustainable Norms

The earth, our lovely planet is ageing. It is vulnerable as it was never before. It needs our care to sustain for the next generations. We believe we all can do better to save our planet. We strive to do whatever it takes to produce our finest jewelry as sustainable as possible. That’s why we prefer to use recycled/repurposed gold as raw material. This is our norm at Norm jewelry.

Fair Pricing Policy

We believe in a fair pricing for fine jewelry. This is our norm at Norm. Price tags have a huge role in consumption preferences. Leading brands have their own way of high pricing. At Norm, we believe every person deserves to own their desired fine jewelry designed by their luxury brand. With our new perspective we are here to create a new “Norm”.  Affordable, sustainable, fairly sourced fine jewelry by Norm.  

Handcrafted Jewelry

Every piece of our jewelry from scratch to finish, melting to moulding, and trimming to assembling: Simply every step is elaborately handcrafted by our expert crafts team. Meticulously designed, passionately created for you.

Timeless Design

Our charming & fashionable design will never age. This will provide you the most stylish jewelry today, and a cherished treasure for your children tomorrow. Our design team is tirelessly analysing and examining the ancient designs with contemporary styles to create the most distinctive and everlasting fine jewelry.

Excellent Customer Care

We are aiming to provide a customer focused policy to create a 100% happiness. From choosing to purchasing, exchanges to returns, every step is made simply and easy for you. To manage an unconditional customer satisfaction, our support team is always there to assist you. This is our norm at Norm.

Charity Contribution

Charity begins at home, that’s undoubtedly true. We are based in London, we embrace the whole world as our home, and everyone as our family. We try to contribute to every good cause possible.